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Craftsmanship is our key

Assorted Trim & Door, Inc. was established in September 1999 by a man named Dale Spangler. Unfortunately, Dale passed away in February 2005. Dan and Dee Welsing came in to help the family out and purchased Assorted Trim & Door, Inc. in March 2007. We are a family owned business, Craftsmanship is our key. We custom make trim, moldings, sell interior and exterior doors, stair systems, door hardware, cabinet hardware, cabinet doors, and rough lumber.

No job is too big or small-there is not a set-up charge for any order that we do for our customers. We work with the general public, cabinet companies, remodelers, and builders. People come in and do their house, or one room at a time. If a customer needs us to come to their home and measure doors and trim, we do that at no extra charge.

Stop in and see our showroom. We have three boards of profiles, where the customers can see the base and casing , and how the crown would look on their walls. We also have displays of Interior and Exterior doors, Stair Systems, cabinets, and door hardware.

Monday - Thursday 7:00 to 5:00, Friday 7:00 to 3:00, evening and Saturday appointments available upon request.

Assorted Trim & Door, Inc.'s Products Include:

  • Doors - Interior and exteriors from a wide variety of brand names
  • Trim - Custom trim for all of your home improvement needs
  • Hardware - Cabinetry and other hardware accessories

We also carry a large supply of rough lumber.

Contact Assorted Trim & Door, Inc. today at 920-405-0786 for all your door and custom trim needs.